SIMS Chellum hospital is one of the largest privately owned standalone Multi speciality hospital in Salem district with over 102 beds including 20 in ICU. Established in the year 2015 by a group of doctors who believe in making Care for patients an affordable and accessible affair. We have specialties from neurology till orthopaedics and our facilities are best in the country for both diagnostics and surgery. Our Neurosciences department is a Centre of excellence unit in the hospital which runs multiple clinics to help the patients as well as it has one of the best facilities for neuro investigation, our neurosurgery unit has many accolades including many 1st time in Tamilnadu surgeries. We have best network of insurance coverage including Chief Minister’s health insurance scheme and we take our commitment towards care for tertiary towns by conducting regular camps in villages around Salem City.

The ICU is one place where dedication and care for the critically ill can be seen as a wholesome. The staff in ICU are highly skilled and believe in the highest level of attention to detail when it comes to care and not to mention, the equipment’s are made to one sole purpose i.e., Safety and the best possible care. The neonatal care ICU is the first one in Salem with dedicated neonate transport system and equipped with a Nitric Oxide inhalation device for hypoxic neonates with poor lung maturity. The pulmonary care ICU is equipped with the advanced respiration assist devices and will be used in appropriate pathological conditions affecting the lungs for rapid cure.

State of the art operation rooms for complex neurosurgical and orthopaedic procedures. The operating microscopes, the image intensifier, the intra operative microvascular doppler, the fine micro surgical instruments, the self-fixable brain retraction and head fixation systems are the world class assisting devices for performing safe and minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures. The knee and hip replacement devices and orthopaedic dedicated arthroscopy, image intensifying equipment are just a few in line for treatment of Ortho ailments.

More than anything, the one thing that stands out in SIMS Chellum hospital is the care, which is deliver to the sick, who are always considered and cared like one of our own.

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Certified Doctors & Using Modern Technology

  • Best in class Cath lab for interventional treatments in cardiac and Neuro Vascular ailments.
  • The cardiac care unit is a 24x7 geared up set up to deliver the best treatment in acute emergencies at all time.
  • The air-conditioned emergency room with its rapid action force is one of a kind fast response tactical unit which delivers precision care to the needy sick people any time day or night.
  • Zero infection is our motto when it comes to surgery and we are able to achieve near zero rates because of the high and best in class equipment sterilization techniques.


Tie-ups with most of the Insurance companies and Third-party Administrators to ensure a smooth and seamless experience with SIMS Chellum Hospital

    (A Unit of Salem Institute of Medical Sciences And Hospitals Pvt Ltd)
    31/3c, Vijayaragavachariyar Road, Gandhi Road, Salem-636007.
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