Department of Neurology in Salem is headed by a Dr. N. Balamurugan, MD DM, Senior Consultant neurologist with 25 years of clinical experience. He is a full time consultant and Founder Director of the SIMS Neuro team. He is a renowned clinician, academician and teacher. The center acts as a tertiary care center in this part of Tamilnadu. Nearly 20,000 patients register annually for neurological problems. Mostly patients are referred from near by towns and villages, extending from Hosur to dindigul, Erode to Villupuram.

The Neurology OPD functions on all week days (Monday – Saturday) from 9am to 2pm and 6pm to 7pm. The OPD has pre and post consultation counselling explaining about the disease and procedures. Special clinics like Epilepsy Clinic, Headache Clinic, Dizziness Clinic, Parkinson and Movement disorder clinic and Chronic Neck and Back pain Clinic cater the high end care and cure for the ailments. OPD runs on prior appointment basis to avoid long waiting time .

Headache clinic has systematic way of analyzing the type of headache by a proforma. The causes of headaches are analysed and appropriate preventive measures discussed. The clinic has nearly 5000 out- patients with Headache till March 2017.

Epilepsy clinic educates the patients, removes the social stigma attached with epilepsy. It has special counselling wing for women with epilepsy to demystify their doubts about marriage and child birth. Clinical Genetician is involved in appropriate cases to plan for genetic testing. A pamplet on Epilepsy is made with cartoons to make even uneducated to understand the disease. Periodic anti epileptic drug monitoring, Genetic test for predicting allergy to a particular drug are all done here in appropriate cases.

Dizzi clinic is run by neurologist and speech and hearing specialist. Initially patients were clinically evaluated then tests like audiometry, Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response , Vestibular myogenic potentials and Imaging of Brain done. In patients with BPPV, vestibular exercises is taught with video demonstration.

Neck pain & Back ache clinic evaluates causes for the pain. Fibromyalgia , Flurosis related spine disease , Disc diseases are all common causes as per records . Physiotherpy , Life style modification and surgical intervention in needed cases are the treatment option available .

The Parkinson and movement disorder clinic is run by team of doctors and nurses to cater the high end long term care for these patients. Botulinium toxin Injection Therapy is available for patients with blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm , dystonia ,writers cramp and spasticity. State of art facility like Deep brain Stimulation(DBS)s – a form of stereotactic surgery for patients with Parkinson Disease has been introduce in 2016. This is the one and only center for DBS in and the surrounding Districts of Salem.

Diabetic neuropathy clinic assess the Diabetes status and its complications. Long fiber neuropathy is evaluated Nerve conduction studies. Autonomic function tests including RR interval and SSR help to diagnose small fibre neuropathy and cardiac autonomic dysfunctions. Retinopathy is diagnosed by fundus photograph using

The department has Neuro ICU unit, in which acute stroke , neuro infection, coma, status epilepticus and neuro muscular paralysis are all treated. The Department has the facility to manage Acute Stroke with Thrombolysis with door to needle time between 30-60 minutes. It has Intravenous Immuno Globulin Therapy and plasmapheresis facilities to manage myasthenia crisis and Guillian Barre Syndrome.

Neuroinvestigation like EEG, Video EEG, Bedside EEG to diagnose and monitor Epilepsy, Nerve conduction testing to detect muscle and nerve diseases, Autonomic function testing Lab to diagnose autonomic failure, CT Scan to image Brain, High end Laboratory to Diagnose Metabolic disorders are all available, under one roof.

Preventive neurology is the ultimate aim of the Team Neuro. To emphasis, two books written by the neurologist in Tamil language, one for headache & one for Parkinson’s Disease were published. A unique feature of patient education and care.

The department is supported by skilled neurosurgeon Dr Prem Prakash Mch & other specialty Consultants. The paramedicals are specially trained to treat neurological cases.

Periodic education and workshops are conducted to educate the care givers and paramedics.

SIMS Hospital is one of the leading hospitals for treatment of Neurology in Salem and it is equipped with the latest medical technology and infrastructure.

Neurology in Salem

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