You understand that you may have the option of uploading you health/medical information on the website in order to enable your doctor access your previous medical history while we take almost care with respect to the security of the information you decide to upload, you understand that any information that you disclose on the website is at your own risk, by uploading/sharing/disclosing your medical information on the app. You hereby give your access to app to store such health/medical information on charm health app services online. Charm health app will retain such medical/health information you upload on the app for as long as it is needed to full fill the services you seek to avail on the app.if you delete your account charm health will not delete such medical/health information.


Connecting Virtually a doctor and the patient with a face-to-face meeting over the web and this helps to,

  • Extend medical services/consultation online with primary focus towards under developed and rural areas that lacks proper healthcare services/facilities.
  • Address Non-emergency situations where the need is for home remedy from the doctors/specialists.
  • Any medical information or clarification that might be required.
  • Second opinion on aliments.
  • Discussing personal questions with doctors, for example: Sexual health conditions and problems or psychological problems.

Disclaimer: This service is not a substitute to consulting a doctor in the clinic or hospital, medical advice asked and accepted on the internet(without physically examining the patient) is at the patient’s own risk. Generally it is always advisable to get a physical examination of the patient while seeking medical advice.


In case of cancellaton or non-confirmation of the appointment by charm health due to certain reasons.

  • He/she may ask for rescheduling the appointment with the specialist doctor.
  • He/she may claim a refund of the advance payment.


You understand that charm health provides various services with respect to the system. While some of these services are provides services for which costs will be incurred by you, if you decide to avail such services (“paid service”). In that case, Razo pay + charm health on behalf of the doctor or health care professional. Should you wish to avail those paid services, you acknowledge that charm health for such paid services for and on behalf of the doctor or healthcare professional providing such clinical services.